Clem Da Vinci is a part-time artist and musician and a full time engineering designer who has lived in Fairmount for fifteen years.  Art has been a passion for him since high school. He launched the creation of the small creatures known as the peepeewackers as part of a gift for a friend.  His style of merging small details as part of a larger concept made the use of pen and inks a favored medium for his work.  After moving to Philadelphia, he learned of the Fleisher Art School and took several courses in painting in watercolors and photography.  An avid traveler, Clem found inspiration from the places and people he saw on trips abroad.  He also memorialized subjects from old family photographs as part of a watercolor composition.  He explains the genesis of his works in the words below:


Inspired by environmental, societal, and political events, I have created pieces that I populate with flying creatures and objects, including spaceships, balloons, paper planes and miniature life forms.  Each piece strongly conveys a sense of movement and with repeated study reveals new details that enrich its theme.  The use of the medium of pen and ink supports the complexity of these works.


My travels have yielded subjects for my watercolors and photographs.  I strive to compose a scene that reflects the mood, season and setting of each location.